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I have a nice collection of digitized family music--my dad's barbershop quartet and some of the music he had recorded on his reel to reel from the radio, various sibling sing-a-longs, etc. Most of them are on my ipod and I enjoy listening to them regularly...and singing along.

I have some great .wav files from the late 1990's where I recorded my own vocals. I had great fun with the early version of Audacity.

Today's musicians have many venues online.

We keep track of the family people who have YouTube, FaceBook or webpages. Listening to them is fun, too.

And, of course, nothing is more fun than listening to our youngest generation perform--at school, at home or on Zoom.
New vocals, instrumentals, dance and theater are emerging.



Since I'm on his email list, I've been following Paul Vernet's music for a while now and we've often shared conversation about it. His poetry speaks feelings that I understand. From this song, I now have a mantra that slows me down when I have 10 ideas and 3 is all I can really handle. Thanks, Paul. Three Chords


Recently, we watched a Netflix documentary of Hoagy Carmichael (born in 1899) I recognized some of his music. He liked the same kind of music my Dad did and was 17 years older than my dad. Needless to say, the story got me reminiscing and singing.

The next day, when googled Hoagy's name, I found that he wrote "Heart and Soul". That was one of the first songs I learned the chords for, so that I could accompany my singing self on the the piano. Right away, I tried to see what renditions I would find with another Google search.

I was amazed at what I found. It was wonderful! I loved it! But I didn't really know know what it was! Is it a teaching site? A listening site? It's synthesia!

Here's the YouTube Link! Have fun!

"And the song lives on!"