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Scrapbooks/ Portfolios


With every painting, there is a story
--packed away in scrapbooks and boxes.

some of my favorites will be revealed
as this page develops.


Welcome to my digital art exhibit.

Every child plays with crayons and other art related toys. I was no exception, but I never pursued art except for little jaunts here and there over the decades. Those souvenirs are in a scrapbook, but might only have quick references on this site.

In the late 1990's I learned about the right and left brain and I realized that I was left brain lopsided.
So, I began a journey of cultivating my right brain as I learned how to draw and paint.

In the summer of 2009, I found a drop in children's class at the San Diego Museum of Art  called ARTivites and I began a journey in a whole new world. For the next 7 years, I had great fun taking classes in drawing and watercolor painting.


Up Up And Away!

I date this painting around 2004. We lived in Chula Vista, CA.
I started dabbling with some kids watercolor paints and paper from Longs Drug Store.



Flowers and Friends

Good teachers: the red flower
Neighbors: pansies
Church Community: Iris.


Easter is my favorite holiday.

In 2011, I created this painting to represent the resurrection.
Then I made an Easter card using this image.

I was very proud about the way I blended and matched the colors to celebrate
(1) Spring, (2) metamorphisis and (3) the warmth of sunlight.

I also learned how to create cards on my own computer.