The Wurth Family Story

The Family of Georg Wurth (1868--1904) and Anna Thron (1870--1911)

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All the children immigrated from Hemsbach, Germany to Schenectady, NY between 1913 and 1928.
As time passed, they all got jobs, married and raised their families.
The Wurth brothers and sisters were very close and they got together often.

In 1959, three generations gathered for a family reunion.
Every family has a copy of a wonderful photo of that event,
thanks to Herman Setzer, the photographer who took the picture.

By the 1960's, many of them were grandparents.
Kaffeeklatch and Reunions kept the elder generation in touch with their nieces and nephews.


Here is a picture that we are guessing is from the 1960
The brothers and sisters got together for each one's birthday.
This looks to me like it was at Anna and Henry' house.


Front row:  Jesse and Teddy Balles, Reiny 
Middle row:  Anna Thron, Fred Schroeder, Margaret, wife of Reiny and Henry Wurth.
Back row:  Gus and Barbara, Emma,wife of Fred, Adam Thron and Elise,
Kate and Herman Setzer, Rose, wife of Henry Wurth.
I'm guessing that Henry Thron, husband of Anna took the picture.  

The Next Generations: 2000--2022

As time passed and culture changed, jobs, dreams, marriage took our families in many directions.
Some cousins longed for another reunion, and worked to make it happen.

In 2019, many of us gathered back in the Schenectady area to celebrate our heritage.

I am fascinated by the stories of my own generation.
the goal of this website is to make more friends
as we share the roots and wingsthat sprout from our heritage.
Please stay in touch.